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Lila Rose Harris (part deux)

Posted in Friends & family, Personal work, Portraits by Mike on July 9, 2009



Last weekend Claire and I were given the honour of becoming ‘Odd Parents’ to Lila, Jen & Simon’s gorgeous baby daughter. We were so chuffed to have been asked and, along with Jenny Stilts, made a commitment to Lila to help her Mum & Dad support and guide her.

Job no. 1 – buy her the Liverpool kit.

We’d spent the weekend with Jen & Si a few weeks earlier on Shoreham beach, where the above frame was captured.  Isn’t she cute!   The term Odd parent is no joke either – during the lovely but unusual humanist naming ceremony, we either got called Odd Parents or Mentors – Simon said he felt ODD Parents suited us better, cheeky b*******!  (I’m sure we’ll find a way to get…EVEN?) (anyone – please – I need help.)

In other news, if you noticed my email server outage post, you may be forgiven for claiming I undercooked the scope of my downtime prediction somewhat – in fact, went down for a few days because I decided to change my hosting provider (to BlueHost, who’ve been unbelievably great throughout).  The reason behind this dreadfully dull technical shenanigan is that there’s a new blog on the way and, frankly, it’s a spanker.  Should be live in the next few weeks.  Word on the street?… hot pink!

Next up though will be some shots from a shoot I did for the Hawthorne family recently, but I’ve not quite finished them as the deck is awash with work at the mo.  Watch this space.  Shouldn’t be more than a few days at most.

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Posted in Australia, Friends & family, On Assignment, Portraits, Travel by Mike on April 11, 2009
No joke, the last time I saw emotion on the face of a puppet like this, Jim Henson had just passed away.

I love you, Islabot!


I had the esteemed job of keeping Isla amused during our car trips around Sydders.  She couldn't wait to hear me telling her about Nikon's new 50mm f1.4 AFS.

(And I'll protect you.)

(I had the privilege of keeping Isla amused during our car trips around Sydders. She seemed genuinely taken by my news of Nikon’s new 50mm f1.4 AFS.)

A quick hello from a scorching Western Oz!  We’re 1300kms up from Perth (or Fremantle, rather – I think it might be twinned with Hove, actually) and are hoping to spend some time swimming with Whale Sharks tomorrow (Easter Sunday, don’t hate us too much).  It’s about 500 degrees centigrade here in Exmouth and Claire is nearing such an extreme shade of red that I’m now wearing Night Vision goggles so I don’t lose her.

This is just a quick segway for anyone who knows Lou & Ru (who kindly put us up, entertained and looked after us during our brief interlude in Sydney – thanks a million guys, was really nice to meet you properly) – and also to show you what their daughter Isla now looks like.  This psuedo-photoshoot now holds the record for shortest amount of advance warning (~6 minutes) as well as shortest window to do it (~12 minutes) – despite which we actually managed two wardrobe changes, and that was just for Ru! ;O)  Hope you like them L&R, see you when you get back across the pond.

M&C x

















After a killer press-up sess, Isla hit me with back-to-back sets of ab-crunches and squats.

After a killer press-up set, Isla hit me with back-to-back ab-crunches and squats. ("Try boring me again with camera-talk, mate!")




Claire outside the SOH.  About 4 seconds later the heavens opened.

Claire outside the SOH.


I honestly couldn't get the hang of Sydney's helter skelters.

Sydney's helter skelter is absolutely pants. Dead slow and REALLY painful.


Strawberries & cream!

Strawberries & cream?


Last recorded attack in Bondi: 3 weeks ago.

Was gutted I'd left my speedos on the, ermm, bus.

More to come…

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Happy Anniversary to my Wife!

Posted in Friends & family, Portraits by Mike on December 22, 2008

Happy Wedding Anniversary Claire, hope you like your photo!  (and sorry again for dropping the umbrella on your head during production…)

I'm the luckiest guy I know.

I'm the luckiest guy I know.

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Congrats Jen & Si!

Posted in Friends & family, Portraits by Mike on October 22, 2008

In the early hours of Saturday morning, two of our very good chums, Jen & Si, had a baby girl; Lila (as in Lee-la, not Lei-la, or Ly-la!).  Instantly loving the camera almost as much as her father, Lila was the consumate model who didn’t complain once about the massive light source I’d rocked in with and shoved in her cute lil’ face (she slept the entire way through, waking only for a quick feed right at the end!).

Lila Rose Harris. Aged 1 day

The proud parents!

Luckily Lila has agreed that we can all still go to Ibiza next year.

It was also quite impressive to see the new Dad chipping in with the nappy changing duties, although on reflection we are all satisfied that this was a one-off for the benefit of the crowd that had gathered around Jen’s hospital room.

Already Lila's hands are bigger than her Daddy's.

Already Lila's hands are bigger than her Daddy's...

But Simon won't hold it against her.

But Simon doesn't seem to mind.

 Hopefully more shots to follow as she grows!

On Assignment – with the Entrepreneurs

Posted in Commercial, On Assignment, Portraits by Mike on October 2, 2008

I recently shot for an up-and-coming FOREX company called Rational FX.  Having started out only three years ago they are now – incredibly – approaching the £200m turnover mark.  Suffice to that these guys are very much on the ascent in a very tough market.

I met Chairman & CEO, Rajesh Agrawal (who is just 31 years old at time of writing), his business partner Paresh and the rest of their team to take some shots for a media kit they are putting together.  It was a particularly sweet touch that their sixth-floor city offices overlooked the Swiss Re building (AKA London’s iconic Gerkin – would have been rude not to include it in the shooting) and they were a nice bunch of guys to photograph.