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Here’s a photo I didn’t want to see!

Posted in Honduras, Mishaps, Travel by Mike on June 2, 2009

When I loaded up the fully-recyclable/whittled-from-a-single-piece-of-aluminium MacBook this morning, I’d intended for this post to just show my contender for 2009’s Rear of the Year, courtesy of Darcie (one of our nieces).

Then this showed up on the screen.

But isn't it supposed to look like that, Doctor?

("Happy birthday, Gonzo", said Dr Davey. "You've bust your Scaphoid...")

I didn’t blog about this at the time, but whilst Claire and I were in Honduras, and Claire was eating her delicious breakfast at Georphies, I was busily distancing myself from a moving motorbike and getting a ‘proper’ feel for some wet, Honduran gravel.  10ft or so later, I came to a stop and knew I’d hurt my left wrist pretty badly.

The flesh wound healed, but something’s still not right.  So today I wen’ to di doc’s, and di doc say…is broken.

The bad news is, I need to go under the knife and have a bone graft taken from another part of my body.  The good news is, it means I’ll be losing a couple of inches from my ass!  My Dad thinks I might even be able to fart out of my thumb, which would be nice.

So on hearing this joyous news, my attention immediately turned to my wife.  How would I prepare our candlelit suppers, clean the house for her, and iron her clothes?

“You’ll find a way, Mike, you’ll find a way”, I thought, so my mind quickly moved to my photographic commitments.  He estimates I’ll need to be in plaster for a total of 8 weeks, and the problem is that I’ve now got 4 confirmed weddings booked for this year, more in the pipe and other cool stuff planned beside – at least one family portrait session in June, more in July, then I’m spending a few quid days in August shooting with this guy in Philadelphia before my wedding bookings kick in.

I COULD leave it to fester, and hope the “95% chance of me getting arthritis in 10 years” doesn’t materialise, but if I square it away then the chances reduce to 5%.  The fact that I’m a right hander doesn’t matter – I need both to change a lens, pick-up heavy things (which I’m pretty good at), play golf, read a book, clean a dish, stick a shelf up, do the mowing, drive a car – so I figure the business case is there.  Either way, though, apparently I’m never doing press-ups again – unless it’s on my knuckles (sweet!).

So I’m biting the bullet and getting it done.  I go in this week.

For the record, I love you all.  But Claire’s my favourite…

Oh yeh – here’s the shot of Darcie on Shoreham beach last weekend.



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