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LG Freeze, Battersea Power Station

Posted in Architecture, Friends & family, Sports by Mike on October 27, 2008

This past Saturday we went to the LG London Freeze snowboarding & music festival at Battersea Power Station.  Via a mighty stroke of luck courtesy of our mates Nick & Heth, we were treated to a snowboard fest held on a 200ft purpose-built slope – which H managed to get us to the top of (get us, yeh?!) giving us the chance to take in what was – we realise on reflection – actually a once-in-a-lifetime view; take the scaffolding down (as they currently are doing) and the special vista disappears forever.  Luckily for me, my surgically-attached camera lanyard meant I got the opportunity to snap it.  Thanks again guys, good luck in the next few weeks!

Love this building.

Absolutely love this building.

Engines don't fail me now!

Who needs a plane...

Did I leave the iron on?

Did I leave the iron on?


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