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Congrats Jen & Si!

Posted in Friends & family, Portraits by Mike on October 22, 2008

In the early hours of Saturday morning, two of our very good chums, Jen & Si, had a baby girl; Lila (as in Lee-la, not Lei-la, or Ly-la!).  Instantly loving the camera almost as much as her father, Lila was the consumate model who didn’t complain once about the massive light source I’d rocked in with and shoved in her cute lil’ face (she slept the entire way through, waking only for a quick feed right at the end!).

Lila Rose Harris. Aged 1 day

The proud parents!

Luckily Lila has agreed that we can all still go to Ibiza next year.

It was also quite impressive to see the new Dad chipping in with the nappy changing duties, although on reflection we are all satisfied that this was a one-off for the benefit of the crowd that had gathered around Jen’s hospital room.

Already Lila's hands are bigger than her Daddy's.

Already Lila's hands are bigger than her Daddy's...

But Simon won't hold it against her.

But Simon doesn't seem to mind.

 Hopefully more shots to follow as she grows!


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